Sailor Moon is an action fighting, girl power series. When evil  occurs sailor moon, Usagi Tsukino and her friends uses their powers to defeat it. As you get deeper into this series Usagi and Luna( Her protector ) discover several other sailor scouts, such as sailor mars, sailor mercury, sailor jupiter , sailor venus ( and her protector ) and many more. Once all the scouts were discovered they battled numerous people like Wicked Lady, Witches 5, Queen Beryl, Ail & Ann, Galaxia, and ext. In the end the sailor scouts all end up safe, happy, and friends forever.
   This is an excellent series. Any girl/boy who likes fighting, action, and romance should watch Sailor Moon. Though sailor moon is an old show, many people around the world still enjoy it, including me! If I would have to rate between 1-5 ( 1 is the best ) I'd give it a 1. What would you rate it? Go to the bottom of this page and vote!
   You can buy these Sailor Moon videos at online stores. If you happen to have a computer, go to online sites where you can watch the videos. ( Like here,,,and many more. ) There you can start from " Sailor moon episode 1" and watch all the episodes. Hope you enjoy them as much as I did!

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